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Your Trusted UAE and Dubai Movers for Storage Needs

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ATF Movers, a renowned name among UAE movers, offers specially designed warehouse storage solutions with a properly laid-out floor plan, fire prevention construction, and high levels of security. Our warehouse also includes adequate parking facilities for all kinds of vehicles.


Effective Warehouse Management

Our warehouse is managed and controlled under an effective maintenance program that includes regular cleaning, pest control measures, fire protection procedures, and other essential safety measures. We ensure that all appropriate warehouse handling equipment, required tools, and materials are provided for smooth loading, unloading, and handling of goods and shipments.


Diverse Storage Facilities

We provide two types of storage facilities:


  • Permanent Storage: For long-term storage needs, with goods placed in a special, less active section of our warehouse.
  • Storage in Transit (SIT): Ideal for international shipments and domestic household goods requiring temporary storage.


Organized and Secure Storage

All goods and shipments in our storage are properly labeled with relevant information and details, making them easily traceable through our quick retrieval control system. We also have a separate area in our warehouse for oversized items, packing materials, and carpentry work. Additionally, we offer air-conditioned storage facilities.


Regular Inspections and Insurance

We conduct periodical inventory reports and physical inspections of all goods and shipments under storage, managed under a robust warehouse management program. To ensure complete protection, all stored items are covered under appropriate and adequate insurance policies.
For reliable and comprehensive storage solutions, trust ATF Movers, your go-to choice among UAE movers and Dubai movers, to handle your storage needs with professionalism and care.


Move to the UAE with Confidence and Affordability:

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